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Sloth Birthday Pole Dance

Sloth Birthday Pole Dance

What a great way to celebrate your birthday, with your own personal pole dance from the cutest and slowest sloth around.  Sit back and enjoy!


    Are you tired of the old, boring, done a million times pharmacy bought greeting cards?  This beautiful and forever wooden card is the perfect alternative.  Better yet, add your own custom text on the back to make it truly unique.  Unlike paper cards, no one will ever want to throw it out.  Display it on the optional stand and then store it for future reminiscing.

    The card is made from baltic birch plywood, which is a sustainable hardwood, and has little impact on the environment.  It was designed in Adobe Ilustrator and precision laser cut.


    Since I do not carry inventory, but rather make each item to order, I do not accept returns.  If there is a problem, do not hesitate to contact me.  We will discuss the situation and I will make it right by you.  I want everyone to be happy with any purchase from my store.


    Free shipping on all items

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