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Retirement when done properly is a wonderful opportunity to reinvent oneself.  I have taken full advantage of this gift, playing lots of pickleball and discovering that I have some artistic talent,  dormant in my “past” life.  My mother was and my sister is a talented painter, sculptor, and creator of wonderful artwork.  I on the other hand can draw a mean stick figure.  The artistic gene that I do share with them is creative passion. I am so pleased that I have found the medium in which I can express my creative side…wood.


I have always been fascinated with the beauty of wood. The endless patterns, color,  grain variations, and natural shapes are things of wonderment.  I can spend all day scrounging for wood, never boring of the process.  When I find a piece that “speaks” to me I get truly excited.  I can’t wait to get the wood home, mill it, shape it, sand it, decide where to cut it and pick the color of epoxy/resin that will compliment it the best.

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