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Pickleball Paddle Christmas Ornament

Pickleball Paddle Christmas Ornament

What would Christmas be without a pickleball ornament?  Great for your tree or give  it as a holiday gift to all your pickleball friends.


Order as is with your name or customize for an extra charge.  Personalize it any way you want.  Anything you want to say (size permitting) or any picture you want can be put on the paddle. 


If you want to customize it either call me or email me to work it out. 


    Free Shipping On All Items


    Since I do not carry inventory, but rather make each item to order, I do not accept returns.  If there is a problem, do not hesitate to contact me.  We will discuss the situation and I will make it right by you.  I want everyone to be happy with any purchase from my store.


    What a different and unique ornament.  Finally one that will not shatter wehn your dog or toddler accidentaly knocks it off the tree!

    It is made from baltic birch plywood,  designed in adobe illustrator and then laser cut.  


    3 1/2" wide and 7" tall.

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