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Lovebird Box

Lovebird Box

SKU: 0008

This lovebird box is perfect for jewelry, change, small office supplies, or any trinkets.  Choose between a laser cut or engraved lovebird.  It opens and secures with the wooden "living hinge", which is mathematically engineered to be flexible when cut properly.


    These lovebird boxes are made from baltic birch plywood, which is a sustainable hardwood, and has little impact on the environment.  They were designed in Adobe Ilustrator, precision laser cut and hand constructed.

    Almost any item can be personalized.    If there is no picture on this item you can add one.  If you want a different picture from what you see on this item, you can contact me.  We will work together to create your final project.  Any pictures can be engraved and many can be cut out, if that is your desire.  Text can be added as well.  

    There will be an additional charge for personalization, which you will approve upfront.  I will not sleep until you are fully satisfied with the final design (I actually do not sleep well anyway, so you don't have to feel guilty).


    Since I do not carry inventory, but rather make each item to order, I do not accept returns.  If there is a problem, do not hesitate to contact me.  We will discuss the situation and I will make it right by you.  I want everyone to be happy with any purchase from my store.


    Free Shipping On All Items.

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